‘Hill Crest Farmhouse…….more than just a place to stay’

Posted by on Jan 24, 2017

 Thank you to all the children who left us lovely pictures last year to put on our playroom wall, which is now very colourful and full up! Each year we run a little competition to choose the best, and this year, the prize goes to Kiki Blake with her picture of the pretty moths she saw in the garden at Hill Crest Farmhouse during her stay. It was a hard choice as always as there were some great works of art from all ages, so well done Kiki, and we are glad you liked your little prize. We look forward to some more pictures this year!

Our little art competition each year is just one of the activities we offer here at Hill Crest Farmhouse and is one of the reasons our Normandy Gite stands out from our competitors. As our slogan says…..’Hill Crest Farmhouse…more than just a place to stay’.


As many of you know, we have a very friendly 4 year old labrador called Boo, who loves everyone and is always up for a game of ball in the garden. He has helped many children to gain their confidence with dogs, and several have left sobbing on the day of departure because they didn’t want to leave Boo (Redmond comes to mind!).


Then we have our two ponies, Molly and Valken, who are a very popular attraction. Everyone loves having them around, whether it be just to stroke and feed them a carrot, give them a brush or to have a little sit on or ride around the garden, and for many children this is their first time on a horse. Both ponies have have very kind temperaments and love the attention, in fact Molly stood for ages whilst Jess plaited her mane one afternoon.


Archery is also popular with our families as it can be enjoyed by all ages from toddlers to grandparents and we have different sized bows to suit. You are never too old to take it up, and in fact to prove this, one of our star archers at Hill Crest Farmhouse was great grandmother Joan, aged 85, who had never picked up a bow before and scored a bullseye first time!

Thank you for the photos our visitors have shared with us and for giving us permission to use them, it’s lovely to look back at them. Particular highlights of last year’s activities started with the unexpected Normandy snowfall overnight during February half term and which provided hours of fun the next day for the Dias children in the garden. They had fun on our slopes sledging and built a great snowman, though Boo wasn’t too helpful as he kept stealing the snowman’s carrot nose! Yasmin had a great snowy ride on Valken too.


Other special memories from last year have been the afternoon when Redmond and Orla walked down to the trout fishing farm and came back with several fish for tea. There followed a biology lesson from Karim, a gutting lesson from Nigel and a delicious dinner.


Then we had a great cake decorating session with the Barrett girls. Philine and Olivier also helped to wash the ponies on a very hot Normandy August day to cool them down,  and Isaure helped to make Matilda’s first birthday cake. Other great moments have been Eef’s many riding lessons and cantering on Valken, Emily finally plucking up the courage to have a sit on Molly, great days with our kayaks and boards on Lake Dathee and Rosie and Megan’s yoga session there too.


We really do cater for all ages and have had many extended family groups staying with us and it was a pleasure to welcome four generations of the Bevan family ranging from baby Sebastian age 6 weeks up to great grandmother Joan aged 85. The Bevan family left saying they had all had a great time and that Hill Crest Farmhouse suited them all perfectly as some members were able to relax quietly in the house and garden, others visited the many popular tourist places and Alex spent a lot of his week playing football in the garden with his dad, so everyone was happy.

Although we love meeting all our visitors and welcome guests to Hill Crest Farmhouse from around the world, our specialism is in Normandy Gite family holidays and we particularly enjoy sharing our activities with you. Whilst we only want to see happy faces, we know we have achieved our goal when the children cry because they have had such a brilliant holiday and don’t want to leave our Normandy Gite….and we are pleased to say (rightly or wrongly) that this happens often!